Eternal water with Ripples2021-2023) The Yongding River is a large river located in the west of Beijing. Having been affected by the upstream vegetation, terrain and climate since ancient times till present, the river water is turbid and turbulent, and often runs recklessly in the flood season. Thanks to the targeted governance over years, the river does not see floods anymore and it has even dried up for several years. In recent years, after construction and transformation, the current river is clear and runs gently. The river bank with sediment deposition has been constructed into a similar ecological leisure space. In the same space, the new landscape has replaced the river water containing large amounts of sediments and gradually became a garden for people to store their thoughts. However, a flood in the rainy season of 2023, which had been isolated for a hundred years, made the Yongding River, which had been silent for decades roar again, turbid and turbulent water have ruined all that has been painstakingly done in recent years. Time in the garden is transitory.