Evidence sculpted by time
Evidence sculpted by time consists of "Tenderness in the vastness", "Eternal water with Ripples" and "when the wind stops" these three chapters. A journey, a place, a sort of imagination, witnesses in time the mutual sculpting and shaping between us and the natural world.
Chapter Ⅲ When the wind stops
In China, "The wind and rain come in their time" is always the ideal state which we pursue inwardly. Impactful events such as climate change and pandemics, and the experience of losing touch with the natural world, make us gradually lose patience on this path. "When the wind stops" is like a sort of imagination, a creation of the mind with uncertain time. In these images, we witness the debate between mind and order, examination and reconstruction of the relationship with each other, and the transformation of individual emotions in social development, when we are interdependent with the natural world.